Tamanu is a patient-level electronic medical record system for desktop and mobile. It allows health workers to track individual patients, providing clinical support and supporting consistent, long-term management of patient conditions.

Tamanu has been designed to meet the  five key eHealth principles advocated by Beyond Essential Systems:

Completely free and open-source

Data encryption (at rest and in transit)

Desktop and mobile versions ‘out-of-the-box’

Fully sync-enabled to work seamlessly offline and online

Integration with existing eHealth platforms (e.g. mSupply, Tupaia, DHIS2) via HL-7 and REST APIs


Developed by the same software team that developed Tupaia and mSupply Mobile, working in collaboration with Sustainable Solutions and designed specifically for the Pacific Islands context, Tamanu allows health workers to monitor patients in hospitals, health centres, clinics and even out in the field. The system is offline-first, with syncing capabilities allowing users to work seamlessly in offline and online modes.

Access is password-restricted, with user-based permissions. All data is encrypted at rest and in transit.